Win A Signed Copy of The Whisky Cabinet

Stella is an extremely popular Toronto blogger. Stella is also new to whisky! For this reason, I love her review of The Whisky Cabinet because while the book covers advanced topics, my goal was to present these topics in an approachable manner.

…I had an opportunity to read The Whisky Cabinet from front to back, literally. I spent hours on the couch with my head completely immersed in the book...I couldn't stop! I learned so much about whiskies from The Whisky Cabinet and I'm so glad I got my hands on it. The book is really well written in that it's approachable and easy to understand without all the technical jargon and frills. I personally love the book and would recommend it to anybody. Not surprisingly, The Whisky Cabinet became the #1 Best Seller in Whisky and Buyer's Guide (Spirits & Wine) Categories on Amazon last week.

You can win a free autographed copy of my book, as well as personalized whisky recommendations. To join the contest and read the rest of the review, check out Stella’s page. Contest ends January 27th at 12pm, 2015.