62: "There are no wrong answers.. but there is ONE wrong answer."

This week on The Whisky Topic, Jennifer Chan joins Jamie and Mark to discuss the enthusiasts whisky tasting Mark hosted. Listen to hear whisky fans analyze whisky as they tasted them blindly. Jamie gets to be the teacher looking through everyone’s answers! 

You can find Jen on Instagram and her website.

Whiskies mentioned on the podcast:

Bulleit Rye
Russell’s Reserve Straight Rye whsky.buzz review
Old Forester Bourbon
Pikesville Straight Rye whsky.buzz review
Colonel E.H. Taylor Rye whsky.buzz review
Toronto Distillery Co. Rye
Toronto Distillery Co. Applejack
New Riff Distillery
Heartfelt & Co Bourbon Whisky

Also mentioned: 

Barely Legal Rye
Short video from the tasting
The Caledonian events page (Mark & Jamie are frequently here!) 

The theme song is licensed in thanks to Alan Doyle! It's available on iTunes.