35: Hotel Bars, Glassware, and Cocktails - “You shouldn’t be putting crush ice in it.. it’s not a slurpy.”

This week, Jamie and Mark talk about Norlan whisky glass, whisky hysteria, hotel bars, boy bands, bad TV, lining up for whisky, vodka martinis, and old fashions vs manhattans. There might yet another discussion about ice.

Reach out to @bourbonthing with your favourite bars that serve old fashions!

Jamie is drinking: Highland Park 12
Mark is drinking: Bowmore Tempest

John Gruber’s Daring Fireball
Jim Coudal’s martini recipe
Souther Charm TV Show
Every onscreen drink on Mad Men Supercut
Wiki page dedicated to ice cubes
Speaker’s Corner
Wholesalers, Retailers, and The Aftermark - Who's profiting from skyrocketing whisky prices?
First Impressions on the Norlan Glass

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