The Whisky Topic - Episode 5 - Knob Creek vs Booker's - A story of glassware

Many whisky enthusiasts were surprised Knob Creek won San Francisco’s World Spirit 2015 Award for best bourbon. On the first episode of The Whisky Topic, Jamie and Mark agreed that they liked Knob Creek, but loved Booker’s. So what happened? Fred Minnick likewise seemed puzzled! Jamie Johnson and Mark Bylok do a blind tasting between the two in different glassware. Does glassware make a difference in what we’re tasting? Listen ‘live’ to this blind tasting, filled with foils and nervous laughter. Which one wins out? Plus, we rehash the debate on the origin of whisky, and talk (briefly) about Kavalan.

Shocking Winner at San Francisco’s World Spirit Awards

Whiskies mentioned:Knob Creek, Booker’s Bourbon, Stagg Jr, Kavalan

Wikipedia’s History of Whisky

Glencairn Whisky Glass

Glencairn Canadian Whisky Glass

The Neat Glass