Your favourite .buzz website bought a vowel!


When I started this website two years ago, I thought I was being clever by using a domain name without any vowels. It was, I thought, a clever play on the controversy on how one spells whisk(e)y. Sadly (for me), it wasn’t so clever. Autocorrect kept insisting on changing whsky to whiskey, making the domain a pain to interact with. 

After some thought, I obtained the domain It’s a small change. It’s just one vowel ( is lost to the Internet apparently), but I hope it normalizes the domain. Our new twitter handle is @thewhiskybuzz and and all forward to this domain (because... branding?). 

The landscape in whisky websites has changed a lot in the last two years since I started The Whiskey Wash is likely the biggest success, boasting the broadest roster of fantastic whisky writers. also has a great set of writers, and their coverage of Scotland is especially solid. With Dave Broom behind the project, that’s not a surprise. Meanwhile is by far the biggest independent whisky review website. I’m a huge fan of all three websites. 

While this website remains a much quieter voice compared to the leaders above, with this domain update, I’m re-committing to continuing the growth in this space. Expect further changes here in the next few months in-between many, many, many diaper changes