Top Whiskygram Accounts to Follow

Instagram. It’s a world of selfies, latte art, sunsets, and, for me - whisky. The whisky community is strong on instagram. And why wouldn’t it be? Whisky is terribly photogenic, and whisky people are all about sharing (we share drams, why not share pictures as well?) - it makes perfect sense! 

If you’re just starting to get into whisky instagramming, or if you’re looking for some new (to you!) accounts to add to your feed, here are some of my favourite whisky instagrammers in no particular order.

@axisofwhisky photos are beautiful and always interesting - often coinciding with a review posted to their site, the Axis of Whisky is updated frequently and are delightful to engage in conversation with in the comments section.

Straight outta Kentucky. #art #streetart #highschoolartclass #orvw #oldripvanwinkle #bourbon #whiskey #DrinkJAX

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From Florida, @will_the_whiskey_man has a wicked, envy-inducing collection of American whisky and his bright and colourful photos are always a delight to see on my feed. Your whisky collection is probably not as good as his.

It’s all laid out in the bio, “I drink scotch, take pictures of scotch, then make lamps out of scotch bottles”. @scotch_trooper is crafty, the photos are lovely, and bonus points for the storm trooper theme.

Often with a bar as a backdrop, @whiskyweird has great pics, interesting captions and now I have a growing list of bars I need to visit based on this feed.

A whisky society based out of california - @barrelsanddrams instagram is a well-composed mix of bottles (with links to reviews), and fun whisky memes.

@womenandwhiskies provides a super visually-appealing instagram, full of well-composed, sunny and cheerful pictures; Campari runs this on-brand instagram without it feeling too commercial-y.

Full disclosure. @whisky_chef is a good friend of mine, and he is the Brand Ambassador for Jim Beam here in Canada. His pictures are a mix of whisky events, cool bars and private parties that none of us are invited to.

Who knew pictures of bottles could be so lovely? We do now. @whiskyledger’s instagram is gorgeous, and he gets all the cool whisky event invitations in Sydney, Australia.

@whiskyanorach: a visual mixed bag of bottles, distillery visits, and whisky people - I always look forward to this talented artists thought-provoking posts.

Spending some time with Old Grand-Dad today. #Bourbon.

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One of my favourite review sites, @thewhiskeyjug has an instagram chock full of info. Be careful of whisky envy on this one. 

Happy Game Day! Who do y'all support?

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With pictures taken right in the heart of bourbon country, you’ll want to quit your job and move to Kentucky to live the Bourbon Lifestyle with these folks. Unless you already work in whisky and live in Kentucky. If so, carry on. Check out @bourbonreview

Loved #smithrockstatepark, but off to #portland! Any bourbon suggestions? Where's the best bourbon spot in Portland?

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The @bourbonbabes are a whisky club in California who document their whisky-soaked adventures with fun and entertaining photos. I wish I was a bourbon babe.

@bourbonthing: Full disclosure. It’s me. And since I wrote this piece I get to do this. 

Tuesday evening research #whiskywriter

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Full disclosure. @markbylok is my whisky-partner in crime and he posts great pics of delicious food, whisky he’s currently enjoying and his gorgeous dog, Thor.