The Instagram Hashtag That is Uniting Whisky and Beer Drinkers

In 1977, George Thorogood covered an original blues song written by Rudy Toombs: One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer. The George Thorogood version is specifically about a time when the singer lost his job, and dealt with his problems by ordering the three drinks on repeat until 3am.

The song title is now behind an increasingly used Instagram booze hashtag: #GeorgeThorogoodThursday. The Instagram hashtag originator, @BeardedSipper1976, admits to not being a big George Thorogood fan but the hashtag made sense. In social media, hashtags matter, and Instagram whisky hashtags are plentiful. Sure #Instawhisky is obvious, but @BeardedSipper1976 wanted a hashtag that brought booze fans together on Thursdays. Plus, he disliked the #ThirstyThursday hashtag that had become the default.

"Many of the bourbon people aren't scotch fans yet, but they have messaged me that since doing #GTT they have been slowly coming around," he tells me. "I have been introduced to a lot of new craft beer as a result. To me the hashtag is... a point of reference where bourbon, scotch, and beer people can unite midweek."

@BeardedSipper1976 was not only the first to use the hashtag, he helps promote the hashtag with occasional giveaways often including antique glassware to increase participation. Incidentally, @BeardedSipper1976 has an incredible collection of booze-related glassware.

The hashtag has grown organically since its first use in April 2015. In a closely knit whisky Instagram community, it's received a great deal of attention. But who is behind @BeardedSipper1976? When asked, he says he prefers to keep his identify anonymous.

So here's to Rudy Toombs for a great song, George Thorogood for the awesome cover, and Thursdays with bourbon, scotch, and beer. Here are some of our favourites posts from the hashtag:

I hope that #georgethorogoodthursday finds you well!!!

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