Swamp Water is Not a Cocktail and Should Not Be Tried at Home

While I was attending a friend's bachelor party, we had all of a few minutes to make a "traveller" drink before we boarded the private bus (thanks Mint Julep Tours). I ended up mixing whatever ingredients we had left in the house. This recreation with Jamie didn't go quite as well. As Jamie calls this, it's the "This drink is disgusting and I'm disappointed in you Mark Bylok" cocktail. 

The recipe we used before boarding the bus:

  • 1 part cola to 1 part whisky (ours was a blend of Wild Turkey, Larceny, Old Forester) 
  • Three cans of a high-energy drink for about a gallon of mixture
  • Three freshly squeezed limes
  • Three cans of ginger beer 
  • It was suggested some crushed mint would have elevated this drink

The drink is better explained in the video. Cheers!